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How to Add Human Touch to an Automated Marketing World

Marketing automation tools and inbound marketing tactics have become ubiquitous in B2B business development strategies. Organizations are making huge investments

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It’s Not Your Parent’s Telemarketing

All businesses and industries grow, evolve, develop and innovate. We don’t make telephone calls or watch television the same way

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Surprise! Decisionmakers Do Answer The Phone!

It’s been said that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it. Psychologists tell us

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What about the other 70% (those prospects not in your marketing automation efforts)?

Inbound marketing strategies and their corresponding content marketing tactics are significant components of most B2B marketers’ sales pipeline development plans.

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If you are not talking to your prospects… Who is?

Have you ever visited your competitor’s website; read their press releases and saw that they just announced a newly signed

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5 Reasons Why Telequalifying Is a Business Intelligence Tool

Businesses routinely qualify leads to determine whether a prospect is a good fit before passing along to sales. This makes

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Why Sales and Marketing Should NOT Bridge the Gap!

There is a reason why we have been hearing so much about “bridging the gap” between marketing and sales over

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Lead Generation Versus Appointment Setting…Why Choose?

Organizations often leverage outbound tele-prospecting in an effort to identify new customers, gain market intelligence, and shorten the sales cycle.

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