TelAffects Database Marketing

Lead Generation

and Lead Qualification


A marketing qualified lead ( MQL ) is a lead that is determined to be more likely to convert to a sales opportunity than other leads. As such, it is a relative metric. The determination of MQL status can be made based upon definitive criteria, like an action taken by the prospect, or from predictive analytics like decision trees. So what works best? TelAffects believes the answer is in the data.

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Database Marketing and Predictive Marketing Analytics Build Market Intelligence

The TelAffects Database Marketing service gathers, consolidates and codifies every type of data available from SFA tools, CRM tools, marketing automation, purchased lead lists, event registrations and other marketing campaigns. Core components of the TelAffects Affect MethodSM data strategy include:

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B2B Lead Generation Improves Sales Productivity

The TelAffects Lead Generation service is designed to give your sales pipeline a boost with precisely the kind of lead generation deliverables your sales strategy requires. Not every sales force has the same requirements. For example, a mature sales force with a strong relationship base and substantial amounts of recurring business will only be helped by well-qualified and immediate sales opportunities.

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A Qualified Lead: The Foundation of Lead Generation

TelAffects’ Lead Qualification service starts with data. It can receive purchased lead lists, event attendees, website inquiries, inbound calls, chat sessions or targeting from CRM, marketing automation or SFA platforms. The system can process files, batches or automated feeds and operate within the structure of organized campaigns or work with a stream of asynchronous responses.

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