Inside Sales, Telesales and

Customer Acquisition

from TelAffects


The most fundamental difference between inside sales and outside sales is the way in which they connect to a prospect; inside sales uses the telephone or internet, whereas outside sales meets face-to-face. The truth is that this is really only the beginning of the differences. Among other differences:

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Fast-Track Your Inside Sales With TelAffects’ 100 Years of Experience

If you are going to hire a partner for a job, it is prudent to confirm that your partner has done the job before. The team at TelAffects has designed, built and successfully executed thousands of telesales campaigns and done so in long-term relationships with companies like American Express, AT&T, HP, AON, and Ricoh.
But it is really much more than that. Telaffects has packaged all of that inside sales experience into an integrated set of telesales tools, techniques, training and platforms called the Telaffects Affect MethodSM that is designed to get a telesales team up to speed very quickly and help them achieve world class results.

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Utilize Optimized Telesales Skills for Customer Acquisition

TelAffects’ Customer Acquisition service generates new revenue from the ground up, starting with lead lists or CRM/SFA data and generating telesales deals that are out of reach for your standing face-to-face field force.
TelAffects Affect MethodSM drives functional best practices and best-in-class sales performance in customer acquisition by:

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Drive Sales Growth With Up Sell, Cross Sell or Retention Customer Development Campaigns

TelAffects’ Customer Development service takes your customer list and drives incremental revenue from services renewal to upsell and cross sell to product or services migration.
Your customers are your company’s most important asset. The TelAffects Customer Development team understands that every individual that communicates with a customer is either building your brand, or damaging it. Therefore, every TelAffects-fielded inside sales representative is trained to represent your brand and messaging with professionalism and accuracy. Our goal is always for your customer to find our inside sales representatives indistinguishable from your best employees.

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