Lead Nurturing and

B2B Appointment Setting Services

From TelAffects


At TelAffects we have measured every aspect of inside sales, for years, for every client and every program, and to an extraordinarily high level of detail. We have a lot of data. But what does that have to do with appointment setting?

Everything, because it gives us a mathematical model of the sales pipeline. We are experts at making the right call to the right person, at the right time, to maximize the probability of success. This is the science of sales pipeline management and it is a fundamental element of the TelAffects Affect MethodSM.

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Push Leads Into Your Sales Pipeline with B2B Lead Nurturing

Every salesperson on the planet hates cold calling. Unfortunately for some, cold calling is a necessary part of the job because they do not have a sufficient sales pipeline to sustain their bottom-of-the-funnel, value-add sales efforts. TelAffects believes sales managers and marketing managers also have a reason to hate cold calling: it is an absolutely unnecessary assignment for a sales representative if they have a sales pipeline to work with.

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Allocate Sales and Marketing Resources Effectively with Full Sales Pipeline Visibility

There are a lot of factors that cause long sales cycles. Many are out of your hands, but some things can definitely be controlled. TelAffects believes that a shorter sales cycle can be engineered by understanding when and where to apply scarce sales representative resources. Full visibility to the sales pipeline is critical to controlling the factors that result in shorter, more productive sales cycles. Full sales pipeline visibility is an integral aspect of the TelAffects Affect MethodSM.

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Dynamic Queuing and Structured Calling Optimize Telesales Performance

TelAffects operates at the top of the sales funnel so that your sales representatives do not have to. This requires Telaffects to push around some pretty big numbers to meet aggressive goals for delivered MQLs, SQLs, qualified sales appointments and closed sales. Every minute, every move, every call and every telesales representative either contributes to the goal or unnecessarily contributes to the cost.

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