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Future of the Buyer Journey: Will The Desire For Human Connection Change It?

In the B2B world, we buy services based on relationship. Our decisions are significantly influenced by how much we connect

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Back to Basics: It’s Prime Time for Outbound Campaigns

The Q2 struggle is real: Businesses need to make-up losses and are willing to talk Stay visible and relevant: Brand

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Our COVID-19 Response

During these uncertain times, TelAffects is committed to the safety of our team members, clients and our communities.  Early in

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6 Secrets to Doubling MQL Engagement

It seems that marketing organizations are producing more leads than ever before. More prospects are visiting our websites, downloading our

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Generating MQLs is a Great Objective . . . If Everyone Agrees on the Definition

It’s a simple straight-forward model. Marketing’s job is to generate leads and Sales’ job is to close them.  It’s the

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The Cost of a Bad Marketing Database

The weather and data have a lot in common. Both are common topics of conversation and complaints.  Mark Twain once

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6 Steps to Transform Marketing Data into a Key Intellectual Asset

Marketing databases get a bad rap. Very few business leaders give data its due. It’s often viewed as an inconsequential

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3 Reasons Why Your Database is Hurting Your Marketing Results

Business-to-business marketers invest millions of dollars and countless hours into the design and execution of their marketing strategies. The tactics

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Don’t Ruin Your Ferrari’s Performance By Putting a Volkswagen Engine In It

I was watching an interview of a college basketball star recently as he was preparing to be drafted into the

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Accelerate Your B2B Revenue Engine: The Top Factors to Building a Productive Revenue Engine

Perhaps, like me, you have recently returned from the Sirius Decisions – 2017 Summit. You’re back at your desk, settling

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