B2B Demand Generation:

TelAffects’ Affect MethodSM

Strategic Consulting

Pipeline Visibility is Core to Predictably
Building Your Sales Pipeline


The TelAffects Affect MethodSM is a set of tightly integrated tools, techniques, skills and platforms designed to produce exemplary B2B demand generation results when applied to lead qualification, lead generation, B2B appointment setting, inside sales, client development and client acquisition.

telaffects affect method




TelAffects builds sales pipelines like no other outsourced lead generation or B2B inside sales company. The difference is the very foundation of the company. TelAffectsAffect MethodSM employs a data-driven operations model with built-in structured methods, predictive analytics, and process-driven telesales skills. Telaffect’s model produces exemplary outsourced demand generation results month after month.

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Add the Power of Telesales to Your Sales Strategy

TelAffects has the skills to confidently extend your sales organization with high-quality and strategic telesales operations.
TelAffects’ outsourced telesales capabilities are able to cover large portions of your available market faster and more completely than your face-to-face sales team. They operate at the top of the funnel so your team does not have to.

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Integrate Inbound Marketing with Lead Generation

TelAffects works with your inbound marketing capabilities to gather, consolidate and codify every type of data available from SFA tools, CRM tools, marketing automation, purchased lead lists, event registrations and other marketing campaigns.
TelAffects is intimately familiar with the SiriusDecisionsTM Lead WaterfallTM lead qualification definitions. TelAffects can work with your implementation of the framework or define a lead qualification process that meets the unique needs of your organization.

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Harness Inside Sales Techniques Developed from Thousands of Campaigns

The team at TelAffects has designed, built and successfully executed thousands of telesales campaigns and done so in long-term relationships with companies like American Express, AT&T, HP, AON, and Ricoh.
At TelAffects we have measured every aspect of inside sales, for years, for every client and every program, and to an extraordinarily high level of detail. Underlying our data collection is a structured calling approach that assures that the data that is produced by every campaign is sufficient to form the input for very useful predictive analytics. As a result, we have accumulated a lot of very useful data.

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