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Back to Basics: It’s Prime Time for Outbound Campaigns

  • The Q2 struggle is real: Businesses need to make-up losses and are willing to talk
  • Stay visible and relevant: Brand awareness and B2B relationship building is crucial
  • Act now and get results: Outreach is a proven strategy to quickly jump-start pipelines

Sometimes when things get complex, we overlook the obvious. Outbound campaigns are still happening every day and generating meaningful connections and profitable sales.

Is it more difficult to reach decision-makers right now?  Yes. It can be.

Are productive conversations happening once you get them on the phone?Definitely. Yes.  If you are not talking to them, someone else is.

Arguably, the impacts of the pandemic and economic crisis have elevated the opportunity and need for this type of engagement. How many times have you heard the universal sentiment, “we will get through this together”? All businesses and people have been shaken by similar challenges and human experiences. Instead of closing-off or shutting down discussions, this has created an opening to build rapport and guide deeper, meaningful conversations that lead to long-term relationships and growth.

Why Outbound Campaigns Are A Solid Strategy

1)      Quick to Structure and Execute

  • Easy to define the goal and purpose of the campaign
  • Data is available (contacts, accounts and phone numbers)

2)      Ease of Use and Client Accessibility

  •  Everyone uses a phone as their lifeline for communication
  •  People want to talk after an overload of digital, social and traditional media  content

3)      Resource Availability

  • Great way to channel the productivity of your workforce
  • Best practice information available on the process

Getting back to basics means focusing on what we can do. Now. Implementing tried and true solutions will provide a head start into recovery and growth. Build up speed and momentum to stay in the race to win it. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when an immediate goal is to keep moving down the track. There will be time for making pit stops ahead, once additional strategies for navigating the “new normal” have been identified.

If you don’t have the capacity or experienced resources to launch an outbound strategy on your own, let’s work together to develop and execute one. Ask us about our Pipeline Jump-start Campaigns.


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