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The True Cost of an SDR

Companies that build a successful inside sales team spend $128,400 per year for each SDR. If that sounds like an inflated or exaggerated figure, just ask anyone who assumed they could go hire an inside rep for $50k. They’ll tell you how significantly they underestimated what it takes for an SDR to succeed.

It’s important to know the full scope of costs and effective processes that are required to build in-house if your company needs to create or expand inside sales capabilities. Everything from recruiting, compensating, equipping and overseeing an SDR needs to be taken into account. A breakdown of hard costs, according to industry benchmarks, is provided in the chart below.

Given the complexities and resources required, an alternative solution is to outsource the inside sales function which lowers risk, lowers costs and delivers proven results. As Fearless Competitor concluded, outsourcing lead generation is thought to be 43% more efficient than in-house due to expertise and experience.

The cost of our TelAffects managed solution is 29% lower than most companies could build and maintain in-house. Because of our expertise, we also ramp faster than most. We can provide a professional SDR, or team of them, trained and ready to work within four weeks. That is speed to market! We also achieve steady state performance proficiency after 60-90 days.

Consider outsourcing with us. We’re a low headache, favorable ROI and highly effective option. We produce unbeatable results for our clients by leveraging 25 years of experience developing the know-how and first-class infrastructure for inside sales and marketing.


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