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Jump Start Your Sales Pipeline Now!

The reality is that a full quarter of revenue and productivity is gone. Businesses are way behind plan and need a catalyst to get moving again. Some to survive this year. Others to gain momentum for making-up the loss and increasing market share. If your business needs a boost to get back on track, consider supplementing your internal sales and marketing efforts. Outsource a 3-6 month Jump Start Campaign with us. We can launch a customized campaign within 2-4 weeks.

An outsourcing option provides you with speed to market, tangible value and proven results. It took us 30 years to develop the know-how and first-class infrastructure that generates qualified business leads, secures meaningful appointments, and closes sales every day for businesses like yours.

Here’s how a 6-month Jump Start Campaign can create movement in your sales pipeline and boost opportunities for revenue growth:

  • Volume: Outreach to a massive number of prospects in your marketplace
    • 20,000 calls and branded voice mail messages
    • Thousands of emails containing unique, relevant collateral about your offering (not a general, blast marketing email)
    • Achieved with disciplined productivity (i.e.: click to dial integrated technology solutions)
  • Decision Maker Insights: Identification of qualified decision makers and their specific interests
    • 1,600 meaningful discussions with the people in authority who decide whether to buy
    • Insights about their businesses, purchasing interests, contact info and email opt-in
    • Over half of all conversations result in a qualified lead or appointment
  • Qualified Leads: Hundreds of quality opportunities to nurture
    • Marketing Qualified Leads that can be put into a drip campaign
    • Tele-generated Leads that have been vetted through engaging conversation that enables smart, targeted follow-up sales discussions
  • Appointments Set with Decision Makers: Hundreds of quality opportunities to win/close
  • Full account management support, analytics and reporting: Our B2B consultative business development professionals operate as an extension of your brand and sales operation using first-class processes, technology, coaching/training and quality assurance.

Sales guru Zig Zagler hit the nail on the head when he said, “You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect.” Intelligent prospecting is what we do. If you’re feeling stuck, wondering whether former prospects are still out there and where to find new ones, let’s discuss how a Pipeline Jump-Start Campaign can get your business moving forward today.


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