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Buyers expect everything to be more intelligent today. We want smart phones, smart cars and smart home electronics. Mobile apps provide instant access to restaurant reservations, driving directions and notifications that our Amazon package has been delivered. With these fabulous advances, shouldn’t we expect B2B prospecting and lead generation to catch up with the smart trend?

Conversing with potential customers is valuable, and every engagement is an investment in that relationship. Can your business afford these crucial conversations to be thin and surface level? If not, it’s time to retire any remnants of traditional, dumbed-down prospecting that involve having someone with limited training and knowledge make phone calls using a weak script with the sole purpose of getting the person who answers to do something now.

Interactions with prospects should be engaging and create connections, since the goal is to build long-lasting relationships that grow more valuable. This requires empathy, listening and learning about the decision maker, their needs and their business. Success rates increase when we earn the right to introduce our product or service, educate them on the value of what we can do for them, offer insights along the buyer’s journey and nurture to close.

TelAffects was founded on the principle that having intelligent, meaningful conversations with B2B decision makers is powerful. Our entire solution is built to enable and capture smart dialog. We know that smart conversations produce multiple types of value or results during every sales call. These add-up to a consistent stream of opportunities for revenue growth and deep visibility/insights into the marketplace.

It’s like the philosophy in baseball that multiple hits score runs. That’s how the best teams consistently win games. Home runs are fun and exciting but not the only valuable play. An overwhelming 84% of hits are singles or doubles that allow players to get on base and ultimately around to home plate.

For our B2B clients, we deliver a multiple value proposition that has broader benefits and higher returns on investment for every call we make on their behalf. We focus on the following 8 tangible results or “hits” as part of the multiple value proposition:

  1. Consistent brand delivery
  2. Data cleansing
  3. Decision maker identification and validation of their information
  4. Business intelligence capture
  5. Product and solution introduction
  6. Value proposition positioning and differentiation
  7. Calls to action
  8. Transition to the next buying phase

Over the past 12 years, TelAffects has developed a robust end-to-end solution that enables smart, engaging conversations and maximizes the learnings from them. We’ve seen impressive impacts to our clients’ revenue streams and sales pipelines. Let’s have a smart conversation today about upgrading your sales process and achieving these results too.


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